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Reverend Kevin C. Nelson: Pastor

Reverend Kevin C. Nelson


Paul Gialanella: Deacon

Paul Gialanella


561-746-7974 deaconpaul@stjudechurch.net
Augustine DiFiore: Deacon

Augustine DiFiore


Parish Staff

Mrs. Barbara Bzura RN: Coordinator of Grief Ministry

Mrs. Barbara Bzura RN

Coordinator of Grief Ministry

772-359-8369 bbzura@stjudechurch.net
Mrs. Donna Faranda: Parish Secretary

Mrs. Donna Faranda

Parish Secretary

(561) 746-7974, Ext: 222 info@stjudechurch.net
Mrs. Christine Vasseur: Bookkeeper

Mrs. Christine Vasseur


(561) 746-7974, Ext: 224 bookkeeper@stjudechurch.net
Ms. Patricia Snell: Receptionsist

Ms. Patricia Snell


561-746-7974 frontdesk@stjudechurch.net
Miss Desirae McDonald: Receptionist

Miss Desirae McDonald


(561) 746-7974
Mrs. Adele Colozzo: Sacristan

Mrs. Adele Colozzo


(561) 746-7974
Mrs. Mary Lehman: Bulletin Editor

Mrs. Mary Lehman

Bulletin Editor

(561) 746-7974, Ext: 228 bulletin@stjudechurch.net
Mr. Nicholas Christodoulidis: Director of Music Ministry

Mr. Nicholas Christodoulidis

Director of Music Ministry

(561) 746-7974, Ext: 223 music@stjudechurch.net
Mr. Jose Sanchez: Facilities Staff

Mr. Jose Sanchez

Facilities Staff

Mr. George Billey: Facilities Staff

Mr. George Billey

Facilities Staff

Mrs. Iutita Forgony: Facilities Staff

Mrs. Iutita Forgony

Facilities Staff

Faith Formation

Deacon Les Loh: Religious Education Grades K-7

Deacon Les Loh

Religious Education Grades K-7

(561) 746-1890 deaconles@stjudechurch.net
Mr. Frank Faranda: Youth & Young Adult Ministry & Confirmation Preparation

Mr. Frank Faranda

Youth & Young Adult Ministry & Confirmation Preparation

(561) 748-8805 ymdirector@stjudechurch.net
Mrs. Julie Barrientos: Faith Formation Coordinator

Mrs. Julie Barrientos

Faith Formation Coordinator

(561) 743-6125 religioused@stjudechurch.net