Order of Christian Initiation of Adults (formerly RCIA)

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Goals and Purpose:

To provide a period of structured inquiry for those adults interested in, or considering the possibility of, becoming Catholic.  To lead and accompany adults into full membership in the Roman Catholic Church (for non-baptized persons, those baptized in another faith and baptized Catholics desiring First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation).

The early stages of OCIA are known as the ‘inquiry’ phase.  A non-Catholic engaging in this part of the process is not making a commitment to become Catholic.

OCIA is for:
1) Those who are interested in becoming Catholic
2) Those who are considering the possibility of becoming Catholic, and want to learn more about the Catholic faith and teachings
3) Those who are baptized Catholics, however they have not yet received the sacraments of First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation

What to expect:

We minister to adults, forming them in the Catholic faith. All participants seeking to receive sacraments agree to meet various requirements on this walk of faith toward becoming full members of the Catholic Church, which is customarily celebrated at an Easter Vigil.


Regular gatherings will be held most Wednesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the St. Jude Parish Center.  Please see the link to the gathering schedule below. Call or e-mail Deacon Les for information on how to enter the process before regular gatherings begin. 561-746-1890 or deaconles@stjudechurch.net