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Mission and Purpose:

We are excited to announce the expansion of one of our most important ministries: The Ministry of Presence to those brothers and sisters who find it difficult to get out and would appreciate the fellowship of a visit from someone.  Visiting the infirm is a Corporal Work of Mercy.  Matthew’s Gospel tells how Jesus exhorted His disciples: [I was] “…sick, and you visited me…” (Matthew 25:36 DRA).
This is not to be confused with our ministry which provides Holy Communion to Catholics unable to attend Mass (see “Ministers to the Sick”).
Men and women in this ministry are able to engage in conversation, pray, read to others, play some card/board games or simply be present to the individual or group.
If a caregiver is engaged, perhaps they may be able to take a short break, though we ask that they remain on premises if the individual may need assistance with personal hygiene.  PLEASE NOTE: These ministers are NOT to assist with payment of bills or other bookkeeping responsibilities, food preparation or personal hygiene, nor are they to drive people to appointments or shopping trips.  The mission of this ministry is SOLELY to provide companionship for those who are mobility challenged.

Minister Requirements:

All ministers have been fingerprinted and background checked prior to assignment.  No one with a questionable record is permitted to serve in this ministry.  All ministers must satisfactorily complete training in what constitutes a safe environment for adults.


Our goal is to match people with suitable ministers, however we realize that compatibility and/or scheduling issues may arise so we anticipate a potential need to re-assign ministers as necessary.

Although all of our ministers have an affiliation with St. Jude parish, they are prepared to be sensitive when ministering to persons of faith traditions other than Catholic as necessary, especially in Assisted Living communities.