Head Usher: Art Palmieri
Phone: (561) 748-1320

Goals and Purpose

To make the warmth and welcome of Christ more real in our Parish.


Helping our Parish to be a warm, loving family by greeting parishioners and guests and tending to their needs.

Helpful Attributes

It is your friendliness that prepares for the celebration to all who share in it. (One body, One Spirit in Christ.) Strangers need to be put at ease, visitors need to be welcomed; the physically and mentally handicapped need to experience the Love of the community and to realize their importance to its Christian Integrity. This demands of you charity that is patient and kind with persons who may be difficult. “Ushers to be hosts at the feast”; determined to see that each guest feels welcomed, wanted, valued and special. A handshake, our friendly greeting is all it takes to enhance each person’s sense of belonging.