This ministry promotes our Catholic belief that every human being, at every stage and condition, is willed and loved by God.  For this reason, every human life is sacred.  To deprive someone of life is a grave wrong and a grave dishonor to God.  Because we are created in the image of God, who is Love, our identity and our vocation is to love. 

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has called this “the key to our existence.”

The purpose of the Respect Life ministry is to help our parishioners to respect and protect human life (which is created by God in His image) from the moment of conception until natural death.  Members of this ministry inform the parish of issues affecting those whose lives are most vulnerable to attack: the preborn, persons with special needs, the elderly, the sick and those who are at the end of their lives – the dying. 

Members of this ministry promote and engage in positive and peaceful action, such as prayer, public witness and respectfully communicating with elected and appointed officials in defense of God’s gift of life.

To participate, all that is needed is an awareness and appreciation of the sacredness and value of every human life.


This photo is from a recent 40 DAYS FOR LIFE
peaceful prayer campaign
outside the abortion center in WPB

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PRIMARY CONTACT – COORDINATOR:  Mrs. Diana Kavanaugh 561-818-3097 or


Deacon Les 561-746-7974 ext. 234 or