“The St. Jude Academy of Virtuous Leaders”



In anticipation of class gatherings, we want you to know that we expect to be following the same health protocols as the Catholic Schools in our diocese.
Of course, they are subject to change as new guidelines are issued by state and county health officials.
Thank you for your patience.  Please join us in praying that these procedures may soon be done away with.

  1. Face coverings will be required for all students, teachers and staff.

  2. Temperature screening will be conducted upon arrival at the Parish Center.  Anyone with a temperature higher than 100.3 will be sent home, along with any siblings from the same household.  A doctor’s note will be required prior to returning to Faith Formation.

  3. Classroom seating will be arranged as best as possible to promote safe distancing.  Contact among young people will be discouraged.  Individual classroom supply kits will be provided to minimize germ transfer from shared materials.


Administrative Assistant Grades K-9 (part-time): Mrs.  Julie Barrientos
Phone: (561) 746-7974, Ext: 231
E-mail: religioused@stjudechurch.net

Grades K through 7

Coordinator: Deacon Les Loh
Phone: (561) 746-7974, Ext: 234
E-mail: deaconles@stjudechurch.net

PARENT welcome letter – grades K-7 2020-2021.docx

STUDENT welcome letter – grades K-7

K-7 Faith Formation Options 2020-2021

2020-2021 – FAMILY GATHERING Calendar -Distance Formation (pilot) Gr 3-7

K-7 Faith Formation Calendar 2020-2021 2-12-2021 PDF

K-7 Registration Form 2020-2021


Confirmation Preparation – Grades 8 and 9

Coordinator: Frank Faranda
Phone: (561) 748-8805
E-mail: ymdirector@stjudechurch.net

PLEASE SEE THE “Education” tab > and scroll to “Confirmation”, or
“Ministries” tab > “Student/Young Adult Ministries and Confirmation”
for Confirmation Program information.

Thank you!