Mr. James Wollam
Phone: (561) 743-8078


  • Mr. Jack Antedomenico
    Phone: (561) 746-4142
  • Mr. Aldo Beltrano
    Phone: (561) 741-0277
  • Mrs. Marlene Canzio
    Phone: (561) 575-9067
  • Mr. Henri DesPlaines
    Phone: (561) 743-9523
  • Ms. Deborah Marchant
    Phone: (561) 746-7225
  • Dr. Marciano Miclat
    Phone (561) 283-7282
  • Mrs. Carla Strom
    Phone: (561) 744-3966

Goals and Purpose

The Council was formed by the Pastor in 2008 to be an advisory group consisting of parishioners. The Council is composed of the Pastor, Parochial Vicar, Parish Secretary and members of the council. The Council meets on a quarterly basis.

The initial Council duty was to develop a Parish Mission Statement. Other duties have been: to formulate a parish survey, review survey results and offer suggestions, provide input on repairs and physical plan condition, suggest maintenance and remodel items, provide input to the Pastor on Mass Schedules and other matters affecting worship, give comments and suggestions to parish ministries and religious education directors and provide input on events and celebrations for the parish’s 50th Year Anniversary.