33 Days to Eucharistic Glory

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Come join the Women’s Emmaus Scripture Study Group for this very special Summer Study on “33 Days to Eucharistic Glory.”

This study will run from July 11th through August 8th.  For those who wish to partake in this study, please pick up the books beforehand, as you will need to start the reading on July 5th.  If you are not familiar with a Consecration, there is a 4-5 page reading each day for 33 days.  The Companion Journal guides you through each day with questions to ponder.  The 33-day Consecration usually ends with a Feast Day of the Church, which will be the Transfiguration of the Lord celebrated on August 6.  We will celebrate on August 8th, the last Thursday.

The set of books will cost $25.00, a 40% discount since we are buying in bulk. Payments can be made in Cash or Check – made payable to St. Jude Catholic Church. If you would like to participate in this studyplease contact Pat Piccoli at nonnapat52@gmail.com or 561-339-8439.