RETREAT DATE:             March 4-6, 2022


Here’s one man’s experience at a retreat.  This is an excerpt from Tom Peterson’s book “Catholics Come Home: God’s Extraordinary Plan for Your Life”

“A few of my friends from church saw that my priorities were grossly out of order, so they invited me to a men’s retreat.  I had been uplifted by retreats as a teenager, but because of distractions in recent years I hadn’t made attending a retreat a priority.  I was kind of ambivalent about my friends’ proposition.  My mind was racing with responsibilities at the time, but finally I decided that at least getting away would be an opportunity to decompress a bit.  Maybe I could get some rest.

But something amazing happened on this retreat.  Before we continue, let’s look at this word retreat for a moment.  Certainly it means going away to pray and commune with God, but militaristically it also means “to flee,” and, probably, without knowing it at the time, I needed to flee from the superficiality and chaos of my life.  In a moment of pure grace, I reconnected with God.  How, you might wonder?  Simply put, I finally shut up and let God talk to me in the quiet of my heart, and what He told me changed my life forever.”

This is HIS experience.  Imagine what God has in store for YOU when you say ‘yes’ to attending a retreat!


The men of St. Jude parish have their annual retreat at Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center in North Palm Beach.  The retreat theme changes each year.

Our_Lady_of_Florida_2_300_199 view from the air

To make your reservation, please print the registration form from the link below.  FAX the form with your credit card information for the $50 deposit, or mail or bring your form to Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center with a check for the deposit.


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For more information, please contact:

COORDINATOR:                   William “Bill” Shannon                      561-747-0233